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Pensacola Museum of History, at the University of West Florida

Our lead gallery in the UWF Historic Trust complex houses three stories of display space. The City of Five Flags exhibit housed on the main floor investigates Pensacola’s set of experiences as the city of five banners from Native societies to current Pensacola. This display gives the starting point to Historic Pensacola exhibiting the numerous legacy openings that have large amounts of Northwest Florida. The subsequent floor houses our changing display exhibitions. The most up to date Center Gallery display is an imitation of Trader Jon’s, a notable Pensacola milestone. The third floor exhibits Happy Journeys: The Life and Times of Hank Locklin.

The Pensacola Museum of History and the Pensacola Museum of Art are open from Noon until 4:00 on Sundays with two tagging choices: a multi day ticket or a 1 day ticket.

Our lead gallery is the Pensacola Museum of History, which is housed in the three-story Mediterranean Revival design of the previous Pensacola City Hall and was worked in 1907. The Pensacola Museum of History, a feature of the self-directed visit, is an overall history gallery with displays committed to both long-lasting and evolving shows. The main floor houses the Museum Store and ticket work area.